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Dr. Sylvia Börgens: Trost und Korrektur

7. März ??? (Sie sehen, ich achte jetzt auf den Anfang/Anm.: gw: Datum wird sofort korrigiert, Danke) Aber es ist doch herrlich grün und das Getreide – wir sahen es gestern auf dem Spaziergang – wächst zusehends, die Bauern freut’s („Mai kühl und nass …“).

Das gestrige Spiel betreffend, ist vielleicht einer der unparteiischen und sachkundigen Kommentare auf der „Guardian“-Seite ein wenig Salbe auf Ihre Wunden:
„Utterly capitivating final befitting the justifiably large build-up it received. This was German engineering at its best: technically two outstanding teams who seemed to be powered by diesel, in a thrilling encounter with barely a second gone to waste, well, barring the usual play-acting and players writhing following a nasty challenge; all adding to the drama and far less antics than if the Spanish ballerinas were competing. Dante should have been sent off, however, for his kung fu challenge De Jong would be proud of.

Both keepers did very little wrong with some excellent saves, having an enormous game. Gotta be pleased for Robben, not usually the most amiable of players in a team made up of polarising characters but having missed the penalty during last year’s thievery and squandering multiple chances this game, partly down to his greed, he came up with the two moments of magic that won Bayern the game and at the death, too, to make it just that sweeter, enough to erase last year’s bitterness in that one moment. It wasn’t quite Total Football but boy did the Mercurial Dutchman provide the quality when it mattered.

Dortmund and Klopp have stolen many people’s hearts this year with their wonderful football and all too publicised infrastructure, envied by many of Europe’s elite, though perhaps not Munich who can simply buy their best talent; Gotze looked rather puzzled at the end.

Danke Germany, for a wonderful final and the equally as brilliant fans for the electric atmosphere. Bravo. Could have done without having the gormless mug of the Chancellor sullying the presentation, mind.“ (gormless = dämlich)

In einem anderen Kommentar heißt es „heartwarming to see these Dortmund lads who ran their socks off“. Aber am Ende ging den lads eben doch etwas die Luft aus. Und ohne die schier unglaubliche Rettungstat von Subotic hätte es vorher schon 2:1 gestanden. (Dr. Sylvia Börgens/Wölfersheim)


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